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Eric Maille

The Endless Oracle Deck

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Eric Maille, creator of The Ink Witch Tarot Deck and The Paper Oracle Lenormand, has released his newest creation The Endless Oracle Deck, a hand-illustrated Myriorama oracle. Myrioramas, originating from the 19th century, were popular illustrated cards that could be arranged and re-arranged seamlessly, forming endless landscapes. In a spread The Endless Oracle can be read as a flowing narrative. The unique Myriorama concept opens up the potential of the card meanings changing based on how they are arranged together, leading to vast reading possibilities.

The Endless Oracle Deck is designed to be read intuitively, and for further guidance keywords and detailed descriptions are included in the accompanying guidebook. This deck is suitable for both beginners and experienced readers. The 53-card deck is inspired by the archetypes and narratives of Arthurian legends, Greek myths, and fantasy. Each card is rich with symbolism and includes an astrological component such as a constellation, planet, or phase of the moon.

  • 53 full-colour cards, printed on S30 Standard Smooth card stock with a matte finish. Standard tarot card size 2.75 x 4.75 inches.
  • Includes 94-page guidebook
  • Rigid magnetic clamshell box