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Eric Maille

The Paper Oracle Lenormand Deck

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The Paper Oracle is both an oracle deck and a lenormand, suitable for beginners and experienced readers alike. Fully illustrated 43 card indie deck by artist Eric Maille.

A unique oracle deck that can be read as an oracle, a lenormand, or both. The Paper Oracle is great for beginners, or anyone who’s already familiar with lenormand cards. This deck was made to be read intuitively, however The Paper Oracle also comes with a guide booklet with card descriptions, symbols and a guide for complete beginners. As a lenormand this deck is modeled on the traditional 36 card lenormand with a few small changes. Some cards have been renamed and reframed, and there are an additional seven cards including a Non-Binary significator card.

Illustrated with a diverse range of symbols and archetypes, use The Paper Oracle Lenormand to provide insights into any question you ask. 

  • 43 fully illustrated cards, standard playing card size
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Guide booklet included
  • Standard protective tuckbox

download the PDF version of the Guide here