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Kara Simons

Song of the Grandmothers Oracle

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The Song of the Grandmothers Oracle is an indie oracle deck created by Kara Simons of Joyful Resonance, and illustrated by Mari in the Sky. The cards embody nature’s songs of life, from creation to destruction, and the rhythms that echo within us. Depicted on each card are plants, trees, animals and natural elements from across the world that we can attune to, teaching us to nourish life without judgement or fear. These are nature’s Grandmothers, inviting us to listen and remember.

The Grandmothers are gathered in six colour coded groups that represent different cycles: Self-Love, Harmony, Growth, Possibility, Service and Destruction. Each card includes a keyword and a haiku, and the included guidebook is packed with detailed meanings and insights. Included in the deck are 6 blank cards for you to explore your own connection with Grandmother energy, through drawing, doodling or writing.

  • 66 cards, plus 6 blank cards, 3.5 x 5 in size
  • Includes 174-page full-colour guide book
  • Two part rigid box with gold foil details

The Song of the Grandmothers Oracle also pairs beautifully with Mari in the Sky’s Gentle Tarot and The Gentle Tarot Pocket Deck.