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Mari in the Sky

The Gentle Tarot First Edition

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An indigenous-made, nature inspired indie tarot deck by Mariza, the artist behind Mari in the Sky. Colourful and uplifting, the Gentle Tarot was created with inspiration from Mari’s life in remote Alaska and her indigenous spiritual background. Through the belief that our mental health is influenced by our connection, or lack of, with our ecosystem, Mari’s art helps to bridge the gap and remind us of the power and love found in nature.

This is the First Edition, second printing of the Gentle Tarot. The card art, original Lovers card, 350 gsm cardstock, matte gold gilding, and anti-scratch matte finish is exactly the same as the first printing. What has changed in this second printing are the sizes of the box and booklet, now reformatted to match the size of the cards. This upgrade means that the booklet and cards now fit neatly in the box with no insert.

  • 79 full-colour 350 gsm cards, with anti-scratch matte finish
  • Matte gold gilding on deck edges
  • Includes 106 page guidebook
  • Two part rigid box

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