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Playful Heart Tarot Seven Card Extension Pack

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Channel your intuition with the Power of Cuteness. Divine, fully illustrated cards by Zaara.

Combine the Playful Heart Tarot with the Seven Card Extension Pack, which has the same size, cardstock and backs as both the First Edition and Second Edition main Tarot decks. This allows you to seamlessly mix and match cards or use them by themselves for journaling, display etc.

The seven cards included are:

  • Trust Life
  • Love and Accept All of You
  • Express Your Joy
  • Let it Go, Say Goodbye
  • Relax into Not Knowing
  • Explore True Abundance 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰✨☀️
  • Wow, You Got It!
The Extension pack comes wrapped in a cellophane sleeve. Download/Print a written guide for these 7 extra cards here.