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Playful Heart Tarot Deck 2nd Edition

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Channel your intuition with the Power of Cuteness. A divine, fully illustrated, indie tarot deck by Zaara.

Included in the Second Edition deck is the 78 tarot cards and 6 bonus cards named: Things are easier than you think, Embrace your inner child, Yes, You are free, You are not alone, Take the first step today.

Changes from the First Edition to the Second Edition Tarot Deck include:

  • Two new bonus cards: You are not alone, Take the first step today
  • The Justice and Judgement cards have new artwork
  • Artwork for the Emperor, The Wheel, 2 and 6 of Swords, Page of Swords, 10 of Wands, Ace and 8 of Cups have been adjusted for layout and size of the characters
  • There is a light colour coding texture on the bottom of the minor arcana cards: Wands: pink/orange. Cups: blue. Swords: purple. Pentacles: green. This colour coding aims to inform you of the balance of the suits in your reading. It is also super helpful while looking for a card in the full deck. The majors cards remain only gold on the bottom section as before.
  • The stamp on the tuck box is now green.
  • There is more rainbow foil on the tuck box.
  • Card backs, the size of the cards and the cardstock remains the same as the First Edition.

Embrace joy and connect to the wisdom of tarot with this inspiring, brilliantly creative and cute deck. The Playful Heart Tarot is ideal for practical, everyday readings, exploring your light and shadow, opening your heart and accepting your authentic self.   

  • 84 fully illustrated cards (78 tarot cards and 6 bonus cards)
  • 340 gsm black core cardstock
  • macro linen finish (same as casino quality playing cards for heavy duty handling)
  • cards sized 75 x 130 mm (2.95” x 5.11”)
  • rainbow foil kissed tuck box (with secret message in both top and bottom flaps) and cellophane wrapping

Combine the Playful Heart Tarot with the Seven Card Extension Pack, which has the same size, cardstock and backs as both the First Edition and Second Edition main Tarot decks. This allows you to seamlessly mix and match cards or use them by themselves for journaling etc.

The Playful Heart Tarot Booklet is a cheeky, helpful guide for understanding KittenChops’ imagery and ideas about the cards. Each card has an “In a Pickle” section that shows how the card energies might be misbehaving in your life—whether you read reversals or not. Also included are general tarot tips, tarot spells and creative inspiration!