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Huang Miz

Waite Candy Tarot

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Experience the charm of tarot in a simple and cute way. With the warm and lovely style of Taiwanese illustrator Huang Miz, the Waite Candy Tarot reinterprets the 78 classic Waite cards in a beginner friendly deck. Unlike the heavy, esoteric tarot decks of the past, the Waite Candy Tarot has a gentle power and is created for self-healing.

The Waite Candy Tarot is an independently designed deck, printed on beautiful, high-quality cardstock, featuring a matte finish. The pattern of the card backs represents the cheerful intention of the Waite Candy Tarot. For experienced readers, the traditional Rider Waite Smith symbolism is retained, making complex readings and deep analysis easy.

The cards are sized at 120mm x 70mm (traditional tarot size), and come in an exquisite, matte yellow custom designed gift box that is convenient for storage.

Included with each Tarot deck is a tailor-made, exclusive canvas zipper storage bag. The 78 card deck, guidebook and divination cloth can all fit in the bag. The Waite Candy Tarot Divination Cloth and Japanese Washi Tape are sold separately.

Waite Candy Tarot Includes:

  • 78 tarot cards, each beautifully designed in full color, with matte finish
  • Exclusive canvas storage bag
  • Guidebook
  • Yellow gift box

Please note: This tarot deck comes with a Taiwanese language guide book.

From Taipei, illustrator Huang Miz is known for her cute and whimsical creations that make people smile. She likes cats, watermelons, painting, novels and interesting and beautiful things.