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Bakara Wintner

Visions in the Liminal Space Oracle Deck

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Visions in the Liminal Space is an indie oracle deck, created by Bakara Wintner & Kaylee Christenson.

This journey through the liminal doorway tells a story of familiar yet unusual moments, transitional spaces between our altered reality and the realm beyond. The cards are illustrated in black and white, recalling an empty waiting room, a disquieting lull in time that could be our past, future or everywhen.

Visions in the Liminal Space is the spiritual sequel of the beloved Postcards in the Liminal Space deck, with all new cards and a fiercer attitude. Each time you shuffle your deck and draw the cards, experience the ritual of reaching into the unknown void for guidance and clarity. Pair this deck with the Wayhome Tarot for extra archetypal exploration.

  • 77 Cards per deck with 32 page Guidebook included
  • 75" x 4.75"
  • 310 GSM Casino Cardstock
  • Linen Finish
  • 2 Part Soft Touch Laminate Box
  • Shrink Wrapped
  • Printed in the USA