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Danielle Noel

The Starchild Tarot 1st Ed. Rose Portal

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The first edition of the Starchild Tarot, an indie tarot deck by Danielle Noel. For seekers of the stars, dreamers and intuitive souls, the Starchild Tarot was crafted with the utmost care and love, drawing from Danielle’s passion for the mystical arts and the fabric of our universe. Originally designed between 2010 -2012, the first edition was printed as a limited edition and has not been reprinted until now. The Rose Portal 1st Edition has a unique box design based on an earlier draft, with the same cards and guidebook as the original classic.

Many of the visuals are completely unique from the following Akashic version of the Starchild Tarot. Vibrant colours and psychedelic windows are blended with a vintage palette of soft, photographic textures and filters. Shimmering dreamscapes, mystical portals, and lush pastel motifs are still ever-present in this dreamy oracle, created for readers of all levels.

  • 78 cards with white borders, 5 x 3 inch size, printed on 400 gsm card stock with a satin matte finish
  • Antique style gold matte gilding
  • A comprehensive guidebook
  • Sturdy two piece box