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Nicolas Bruno

The Somnia Tarot - Illustrated Edition

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Artist Nicolas Bruno reimagines The Somnia Tarot with full-colour illustrations in this surreal deck of dreams and nightmares. Based on the symbolic photography of the first edition, The Somnia Tarot Illustrated Edition delves into the depths of the subconscious with traditional Jungian archetypes and dream iconography. By conveying the narrative of tarot through illustration, this edition offers a new perspective and meaning. Inspired by the Rider Waite Smith this indie tarot deck is created for readers of all levels.

Explore a world that exists between the super conscious and subconscious, awake and asleep, known and unknown.

  • 78 full-colour 400gsm cards, standard tarot size 2.75 x 4.75 inches
  • Full-bleed printing with gold foil backs and gilded card edges
  • Gold foil-pressed burgundy collection box with a luxurious matte-linen finish, interior foil printing, and magnetic hinge lid
  • Printed guide booklet featuring 98 pages of the full stories behind each illustrated card