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Nicolas Bruno

The Somnia Tarot

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Imaginative, surreal and deeply powerful, the Somnia Tarot explores the world of dreams and nightmares through artist Nicolas Bruno’s photography, sculpture and costume design. An independently created tarot inspired by the Rider Waite Smith.

Nicolas Bruno’s imagery evokes Jungian archetypes, the ancient world and iconography. This deck taps into the sliver of time between the super conscious and subconscious, awake and asleep, known and unknown.

  • 78 full-colour 400gsm cards measuring 3 x 5 inches
  • Two-part collection box with a luxurious matte linen finish
  • Little white booklet with card descriptions

Enjoy the full experience of The Somnia Tarot with the definitive Companion Book and beautifully designed Spread Cloth.