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Joe Buckley

The Mushroom Hunter’s Tarot

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A 78 card indie tarot deck by artist Joe Buckley, featuring remarkable mushrooms from all over the world. Inspired by the magic and wonder of the fungi kingdom, Joe has depicted each mushroom’s purpose and story through the art of tarot. Every card is represented by its own mushroom, from the well-known Fly Amanita and Golden Chanterelle, to lesser-known mushrooms such as the Fluted Bird’s Nest and the Bleeding Fairy Helmet.

Bridging the worlds of mycology and magic, the Mushroom Hunter’s Tarot is intended for all, from those who would like to learn more about mushrooms to experienced tarot readers. For learning about the included mushrooms the guidebook contains both the common and scientific names of each fungi, as well as fun facts about them. For beginner or experienced tarot readers, the cards are based on the Rider Waite Smith and the mushrooms have been carefully chosen to correspond with the traditional archetypes.

  • 78 full-colour 350 gsm cards, with semi-gloss finish
  • Includes 100-page guide booklet
  • Two part rigid box