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Danielle Noel

The Moonchild Tarot Shadow Work Edition

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Welcome to the Shadow work edition of The Moonchild Tarot, an indie tarot deck by bestselling author and illustrator Danielle Noel. This new iteration is a twilight mirror to its bright and colourful counterpart, the original Moonchild Tarot. Created as an homage to ancient portals, shadow work, and antiquated dreamscapes that feel sacred and inviting, the Shadow Edition is designed with muted tones and powerful keys to inspire your own exploration. For readers of all levels, The Shadow Moonchild Tarot is a guide on a journey into the great mysteries. 

  • 81 cards, with a rose-petal cardstock finish
  • Metallic gilding
  • Full-length, full-colour guidebook, filled with tarot spreads, rituals, and supportive descriptions for each card
  • Sturdy two-piece box