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Heidi Phelps

The Black Violet Spirit Board

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Spirit boards (also known as talking boards) have been used for centuries as a way for the living to communicate with the dead, and seek answers from the spirit world. Designed by artist Heidi Phelps after losing her mother to cancer, the Black Violet Spirit Board is a tool to feel more connected with people you’ve lost—whether you use it to communicate with spirits, place it on your altar with photos of loved ones, or simply display it as an art piece in your home. Think of it as a fresh take on the Ouija board.

Set includes:

  1. A violet-shaped, 15”x15” talking board that folds in half for easy storage. Board is custom-printed on both sides:
  • Front: Features an illustration of a woman wearing clothing inspired by Victorian mourning dress.
  • Back: Printed with a black violet-skull pattern.
  1. A black, violet-shaped planchette with glass sphere insert.
  1. A custom-printed cardboard box that fits the folded board + planchette for safe keeping.