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Credo quia Absurdum

Terra Volatile Tarot Deck & Expansion Set

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Created by Portugal based design duo Credo quia Absurdum, this is the 3rd Edition of the Terra Volatile Tarot Deck and Expansion. Terra Volatile is an exploration of duality, Terra meaning Earth, a fixed element, and Volatile, an alchemical term meaning eternal change, something that cannot be firmly defined, and is always in transformation. By joining two opposite states of matter together (Fixed/Volatile), a balance is found between them.

First released in 2021, this indie tarot deck contains five Minor Arcana suits – Wands, Swords, Coins, Cups and Vessels (Aether, also called Quintessence). The suit of Vessels embodies awareness, transformation and rebirth, providing a deeper insight into exploration of the self.

A total of 154 cards are included within the Tarot and Expansion Set, including a 107 card main tarot deck (92 cards + 15 alternatives) and a 47 card Expansion. Build your own tarot deck or combine them all for a deeper reading! The following changes from the 1st edition include a revised 5 of Wands, revised Dream Card and the addition of the Last Judgement card. 

Beautiful classical and mythological inspired imagery features throughout the deck. Deeply symbolic, grounded in an in depth study of tarot, occult and alchemical history, this exquisitely produced tarot is a modern classic. Learn more about the Terra Volatile card meanings with the hardcover companion Terra Volatile Book.

  • 3rd Edition Terra Volatile Tarot Deck and Expansion Set, including 107 card main deck and 47 card expansion
  • 120 mm x 70 mm standard tarot size
  • Printed on high quality 330gsm German linen card stock, black core, smooth with a varnish finish
  • Rigid magnetic closure box and tuckbox for the Expansion