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Silver Crystal Claw Stand

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Bought a new gorgeous crystal but don’t know how to display it? These minimalist stands are the ultimate accessories for your crystal collection, elevating your crystals and allowing light to reflect from all angles. Perfect for styling your crystals in your home or office environment, these stands provide a simple solution for adding crystals into your modern decor. The claw stands are double-sided, typically it stands on the larger claw, however, the stand can be flipped to hold your crystal in the larger claw if needed. Show off the magical beauty of your crystals with these versatile stands!

Comes in four sizes:

Small 9cm H; 8cm W; Holding space: 50mm small side; 70mm large side

Medium 9cm H; 8cm W; Holding space: 70mm small side; 75mm large side

Large 9cm H; 8cm W; Holding space: 75mm small side; 95mm large side

X Large 12cm H; 12cm W; Holding space: 95mm small side; 110mm large side


Aluminium. Made in India.