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Andrea Wan

Poesis Oracle

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The Poesis Oracle is a 77-card indie oracle deck created by artist Andrea Wan. Poesis is a collection of cards designed to answer questions by calling upon the inner self, trusting that you already hold the answers within you. Art and poetry is combined to help cultivate intuitive abilities and to aid you in decision making, as your intuition grows to be a source of guidance. The deck has been created with this focus on self-empowerment, made to be accessible to people of all age groups, belief systems and walks of life.

Poesis can be used for intuition, inspiration, divination, self-reflection, connecting with others and sharing our stories. Each card represents a different stage or experience, and as a whole they make up life’s journey. While the cards represent significant, universal energy, they are designed to be interpreted intuitively and connected to on a personal level. For a deeper dive into the significance of Poesis, each card has a short accompanying poem by Megan King, available on the Poesis Poem Library. Poesis was created with the Divine Feminine journey in mind, to offer a nurturing and supportive energy.

This listing is for the 2nd Edition of the Poesis Oracle, with new gold gilded edges and heavier cardstock. There are no changes to the art between the first and second editions.

  • 77 full-colour cards, with velvety finish and gold gilded edges
  • Includes instruction sheet
  • Two part rigid box