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James R. Eads

Past is a Present - 6 Foil Cards

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A pack of 6 foil cards. Includes the 79th "mystery cards" from the first 6 editions of Prisma Visions: Strawberries, The Gift, Illumination, The Winged Boar, Reverie and Tiny Elephants. Each card is printed in a unique colorway with a layer of foil printing that sets them apart from the original cards. These cards have a matte UV finish and match the 6th edition of Prisma Visions Tarot. All previous editions of Prisma Visions Tarot have a glossy UV finish.

Meanings behind the 6 cards can be found in this downloadable pdf. 

  • 6 card pack, standard tarot size, finished with a matte UV protective layer (matches the finish on the 6th edition of Prisma Visions)
  • Unique Colorway with a layer of foil printing
  • Mirror-like metallic silver edging

Please note: Prisma Visions decks in the current 6th edition can slightly vary in size (a millimeter or two difference) which can make it difficult to work these extra cards into a deck. Unfortunately the creator is unsure how wide spread this issue is, so it is not guaranteed that these extra foil cards will be the exact size of your deck.