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Danielle Noel

Ocean Dreams Oracle

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Forge a deeper connection to the Ocean with Danielle Noel’s newest indie oracle deck. The peaceful imagery of these magical cards is based on the eternal wisdom of the Ocean. Her vast ancient knowledge and Divine Feminine magic are there for you to access, activating your intuition and opening you up to purification and transformation. Shuffle your deck and draw a card to explore your inner realm with this healing and soothing energy.

For mermaids, Lemurian souls and curious seekers, dive in to the mysterious portals of this mystical oracle. The included guidebook provides further guidance for all 56 cards and shares oracle spreads, water rituals and more.

Open your heart and imagination and explore the transmutational powers of the sea. 

  • 56 cards printed on smooth, velvety cardstock for wonderful shuffling
  • Full-length, full-colour guidebook included
  • Shimmering turquoise gilding
  • Magnetic clamshell box

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