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John A. Rice

Mindscapes Tarot

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MINDSCAPES: A Tarot Panorama, is an artist made and independently produced tarot by John A. Rice. Hand drawn in oil pastels, each card is depicted in the style of classical landscape paintings. By journeying through these scenes the cards become windows into magical worlds, and into the self. Created over two years during the pandemic, this visionary tarot evolved as a healing response to our times. Many of the cards correspond to significant global events, acting as a time capsule and giving space to process our experiences. Breaking away from traditional esoteric depictions, this deck is suitable for both beginners and experienced readers. The artistic use of psychology, mythology and colour theory encourages the reader to tap deeply into their intuition.

This Signature Edition is made from high-quality materials, intended to be an heirloom piece. As an integral part of the Mindscapes Tarot experience, the deck comes with a Hardcover Companion Book. This guidebook includes the artist's commentary, card interpretations, and a section for your own personal notes, beautifully presented in a large format coffee table book.

  • 24 card Major Arcana deck printed on heavy-duty, superior smooth card stock with gilded edges
  • Limited edition, hand signed and numbered by the artist
  • Glossy tuckbox with gold foil seal
  • Fool's Journey deck mat
  • Luxurious black velvet pouch
  • 75 page Hardcover Companion Book

Please note: All decks have a slit in the plastic shrink wrap, as they were opened by creator John A. Rice so he could hand sign and number the decks. 

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