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James R. Eads

Light Visions Tarot

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The Light Visions Tarot was James R. Eads’ first tarot deck, released in 2014. Known for his colourful, intricate artwork, Eads has created a glowing and ethereal world in the cards. Each card flows into the next, forming a panorama when laid out side by side. Illustrated in duo-tone deep purple and light cream, Light Visions is a mystical and calming divination tool. This is the 4th Edition of the Light Visions Tarot, with a new 79th card, Haven.

  • 79 cards, standard tarot size, printed with highest-quality inks on durable matte cardstock
  • Reflective gold gilded edging
  • Includes 100-page guide booklet
  • Rigid clamshell box with matte finish and gold foil details

Please note that Prisma Visions has the same tarot imagery as the Light Visions Tarot, with a different art style and different 79th cards.