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Lemurian Seed Starbrary Smoky Quartz Cluster with Rainbow #2

Ethically Sourced from Brazil

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Smoky Lemurian crystals empower you to examine your place in the world, both mundane and spiritual, and to bring full awareness to misuses of power. An efficient karmic cleanser, freeing you from the past and teaching you to courageously embrace past darkness so that you can appreciate light.

This incredibly rare crystal formation displays both Lemurian Seed striations and Starbrary glyphs. The combined energies bridge the gap between realms and helps to connect you with your divine purpose. 

Lemurian Seed crystals are very clear quartz crystals with horizontal striations across the faces. They are said to have been left for us by the ancient civilisation of Lemuria. Similar to the myth of Atlantis, Lemuria was believed to be a spiritually advanced society located in the South Pacific Ocean, before either a catastrophe or ascension to another dimension caused their disappearance. Before vanishing, their elders programmed their advanced consciousness and knowledge into these quartz crystals, and ‘seeded’ them in high vibration locations around the world. These coded Lemurian Quartz have been waiting in the earth until humanity was ready to integrate their energy before revealing themselves. Meditating with the ladder-like striations is believed to help you access information and messages from the Lemurians. 

Starbrary Crystals, also known as Star Seed Crystals, have unique natural etchings that resemble glyphs, falling stars or meteors. They are believed to be record keepers, containing coded information and mysterious messages from Star Beings. The etchings of Lemurians and Starbraries are caused by Law Twins, a phenomenon where two quartz structures grow within a single crystal. 

Smoky Quartz was prized by the Scots since ancient times, when the Druids used it as a sacred crystal to evoke the power of the Earth Gods. The Scots also used Smoky Quartz to adorn their traditional sgian-dubh knives. Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding and anchoring stone that can raise vibrations during meditation. This resilient crystal is said to deepen our connection to the Earth and help us manage stress. Smoky Quartz harmonises with the other grounding stones, Black Tourmaline and Obsidian.


ZODIAC Scorpio ♏︎, Sagittarius ♐︎  Capricorn ♑︎





This is a genuine, raw natural crystal. All crystals are photographed in natural sunlight. The crystal pictured is the exact crystal you will receive. Stands sold separately.


106 g

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SUNLIGHT SAFE Fades in direct sunlight