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Garden Goddess Tarot

Hellenic Oracle

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An independently produced 90 card oracle based on the eternal wisdom of the Ancient Greek Pantheon. Exquisitely curated by Theia of Garden Goddess Tarot, the cards depict the Primordial Gods, Titans, Olympians and significant mythological figures for a truly comprehensive journey through Greek myth. Images are taken from Neo-Classical, Pre-Raphaelite and Majestic Landscape art, featuring works by John William Waterhouse, John Collier, Thomas Cole and more. Each card is labelled with the Greek name and the English transliteration beneath it.

Use this deck to forge a connection to deity, mythology, and the magic of Ancient Greece. The creator’s intention is for the deck to be used your own way, therefore no guidebook is included. To learn more about the Ancient Greek Gods and their myths, you can visit the Theoi website here.

  • 90 card deck, printed on casino quality black core cardstock with linen finish
  • Black velvet drawstring bag

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