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James R. Eads

Green Glyphs Collection

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A collection of four divination decks by multi-disciplinary artist James R. Eads. The Green Glyphs Box Set brings together the traditions of Tarot, Oracle, Runes and Lenormand in one beautifully crafted collection. Each deck can be used on its own, paired with another, or combined completely to make one mega hybrid deck.

Simplicity is key with the Green Glyphs. For quick readings the imagery is colour coded with an earthy palette that intuitively flows between the cards. The Tarot follows the meanings of the traditional system and is suitable for both beginner and experienced readers. Each card follows the cyclical nature of life with symbolism from myth and story, taking the reader on a journey to understand the intricacies of each suit.

The Oracle cards step away from traditional systems of divination, with many images drawing upon James R. Eads personal symbolism. The Green Glyphs Lenormand was the first deck created in the Green Glyphs series, with each of the 36 pictorial symbols drawn with beautiful simplicity. The Runes deck is an interpretation of the Elder Futhark Runes, an early Nordic system of divination that has been around for millennia. Each card has the runic symbol, traditional name, and symbolically meaningful imagery. The included bronze metal dice provide an alternate way to draw runes in a reading.

The Green Glyphs Collection Bundle includes:

  • The Green Glyphs Box Set
  • The Green Glyphs Casting Cloth

The Green Glyphs Box Set includes:

  • Tarot: Set of 78 tarot cards in a custom blue box with a 120-page guidebook
  • Oracle: Set of 50 oracle cards with prismatic gold accents on card faces, in a custom green box with an 80-page guidebook
  • Runes: Set of 33 runes cards in a custom orange box with 4 bronze metal rune dice and a 75-page guidebook
  • Lenormand: Set of 41 Lenormand cards in a custom yellow box with an 80-page guidebook
  • Prismatic gold gilded edges on all cards, same cardstock and size so they can be used seamlessly together
  • Glossary: A 380-page hardcover book that covers the entire Green Glyphs collection. The book includes all information in the four guidebooks as well as an additional section on using the collection as a mega hybrid deck
  • Diorama style box that reveals the image on the interior as the decks are removed
  • Green Glyphs Card Holder for displaying four cards, it also slides into the diorama box

Addons sold separately:

  • Green Glyphs Casting Cloth: Double sided cloth made from faux suede and finished with sewn edges. 14” x 14” size, created for card and dice readings
  • Green Glyphs Pendulum: Bronze metal pendulum, 20mm wide x 50mm tall

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