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Glass Cube Sphere Stand

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Bought a new gorgeous crystal sphere but don’t know how best to display it?

The modern minimalist aesthetic of these solid glass cube stands are the perfect way to showcase the natural beauty of your crystal spheres.  Unlike plastic stands these glass stands feel nice and solid, securely holding your crystals and letting the good vibes flow. Great for styling your crystals in your home or office environment, these stands provide a simple solution for adding crystals spheres into your modern décor. 

Comes in four sizes:

Extra Small          2.5cm L x 2.5cm W x 1.4cm H      Indent 1.9cm diameter

Small                    3.0 L x 3.0cm W x 1.7cm H           Indent 2.4cm diameter

Medium               3.5cm L x 3.5cm W x 1.8cm H      Indent 2.9cm diameter

Large                   4.0cm L x 4.0cm W x 2.1cm H      Indent 3.1 cm diameter


Glass. Made in China.