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Lindsay D Williams

Desert Illuminations Tarot 2nd Edition

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The new and improved second edition includes changes to several cards in the deck, different card back design, new box design, full bleed cards (borderless) and edits to the pamphlet inside to reflect the new archetypes, images, and box design. 

The Desert Illuminations Tarot inspires with the imagery and motifs of the American Southwest. Explore the myriad cultural beliefs and peoples of this enchanting landscape, including some extraterrestrial visitors! Illustrated by contemporary folk pop artist Lindsay D. Williams.

The American Southwest holds distinction amongst the cultures and art of the United States, a melting pot of histories, beliefs and identities. Through the art of tarot Lindsay conveys that no matter where we come from, we are all mixed up in the eternal cosmos of being and can all learn from each other.

  • 78 full-colour Casino Grade cards, with linen finish
  • Includes mini instruction foldout leaflet
  • Full-colour tuckbox
  • Made in the USA