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James R. Eads

Cosma Visions Oracle

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The Cosma Visions Oracle is created by multi-disciplinary artist James R. Eads, known for his colourful, intricate artwork. Cosma Visions tells a story of what may happen in the space between lives. An exploration of the afterlife and connection with past lives, this oracle has been created with a structure based on the tarot. The intention of the Cosma Visions Oracle is to take you on a journey, filled with wonder and appreciation for the greatness of life.

The deck is composed of an original Major Arcana, moving through a spiritual reincarnation, and four suits, structured similarly to the tarot – Embers, Lotuses, Birds and Trees. When lined up, the suits form an elaborate, endless panorama. A fifth suit, the suit of Beings, completes the deck. This suit is comprised of the tarot court cards, as spiritual archetypes. This is the 2th Edition of the Cosma Visions Tarot, with a new 79th card, Dreamworld.

  • 79 cards, standard tarot size, printed with highest-quality inks on durable matte cardstock, finished with a matte UV protective layer.
  • Labradorite blue holographic edging
  • Includes 100-page guide booklet
  • Rigid clamshell box with matte finish and holographic foil details

The Cosma Visions Oracle has been designed to be used together with the Prisma Visions Tarot, and has a matching luxurious Altar Cloth