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Twilight PET Tape

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PET Tape designed by Taiwanese artist Pion, known for her delicate girl illustrations, cute flowers and animals. This tape comes with a backing release paper, which allows you to cut out the designs individually and use them as stickers. Perfect for adding a beautiful touch to your journal, planner, snail mail and craft projects!

Twilight: The evening sky at dusk.

In the evening the sky is very colourful,

Blue and blue with a little purple, plus warm orange-red smudges,

It is the main colour of this Twilight Flower Town.


3.5cm x 10m|100cm cycle of designs

Glossy PET tape (transparent release paper).

Made in Taiwan.


100 cm each sample loop.

Not ready to roll? An affordable way to try PET tapes out is to order a sample loop, with a full cycle of designs. This way you can experiment with a variety before buying the full roll, and discover new favourites as you go.