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Stacey Williams-Ng

Haunts Expansion Pack

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9 card Expansion Pack for the Southern Gothic Oracle.

Featuring the most iconic spectres, cryptids and monsters of the American South! With identical wishbone design card backs, this expansion will seamlessly shuffle into your Southern Gothic Oracle deck. The Southern Gothic Oracle deluxe hard shell box is designed with space to comfortably fit both the original deck and the expansion cards, for a deck of 54 cards total.

The HAUNTS pack features nine spooky figures:

  • The Hellhound
  • The Conjured Spirit
  • Mothman (West Virginia)
  • The Candlelight Spirit (Georgia)
  • The Bell Witch (Tennessee)
  • The Richmond Vampire (Virginia)
  • Crimes of Passion (Pearl Bryan of Kentucky)
  • The Bride of Annandale (Mississippi)
  • The Boo Hag

Packaged in a clear plastic sleeve. Comes with a digital booklet that can be accessed via a QR code in the package. This printing of the Haunts has matte aqueous finish card stock, same as the Southern Gothic Oracle Cornbread Edition.